LiiJi Unikālo Wpmen Kaklarota Izgatavots Citrines Amethysts Kristāla Dzelteno krāsu Īsa Kaklarota Tikai 1GB katru krājumu Rotaslietas Sievietes
€21.77 €19.60
Pieejamība: Pieejams

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  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Metālu Tips: NAV
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Kaklarota Tips: Džemperis Ķēdes
  • Vienuma Tips: Kaklarotas
  • Materiāls: Akmens
  • Stils: Classic
  • Sods vai Modes: Modes
  • Ķēdes Tips: Daļa
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Lii Ji
  • Formas\raksts: ĢEOMETRISKAS
  • Modeļa Numurs: Citrine Ametista Kristāla Un Nefrīta Krelles
  • Godu: Puse

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Thank you, Seller for the gift a lovely jewelry pouch. Fast shipping and delivery. Necklace as described. Delighted with the purchase.
WA-u! What a beauty! I thought about buying this necklace for a long time. He stopped the color, in some stones in the photo of the seller he was through-chur yellow. But in fact, the stones are much lighter, they are cream-beige and yellow in them almost no. The flower, the miracle is as good as it is, even the veins are honed on it. Oval large stones are thin, well polished and shiny. They absolutely, given their size, do not look rude. Very satisfied with the purchase! As always, fast delivery and satin handbag as a gift for storage. Thank you very much to the seller.
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